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The Adventurer's Pack - Wondrous Items

The Adventurer's Pack - Wondrous Items


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As you open this box, you step into a world where epic quests and daring adventures await. Unearth delightful dice, mythical mementos, and arcane artifacts that will guide you through the depths of dungeons and the heights of imagination. Prepare to embark on a journey where every turn reveals new wonders and every challenge unlocks your heroic potential. The adventure begins now—will you answer the call?

This Quarter's Theme is all things DRAGON!
**This Box is Shipping June 1st**

Each box will include:

All the Uncommon box items:
- 1 set of acrylic dice
- 2 stickers
- 4 mystery accessories


- 1 dice upgrade from acrylic to a set of specialty metal dragon themed dice
- 1 wearable dice accessory with dice
- 2 exclusive never released before products!

The retail value of this box is $143! You will save $54, plus an extra 10% if you pre-pay for the entire year (4 boxes- one per quarter). 

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