About Us

Hey y’all! We’re NTSD Gaming - a small company run by a couple of big nerds in small town Texas, who love DnD! We’ve been producing nerd paraphernalia for 4 years, and we’ve discovered we get a great deal of joy out of equipping adventurers like you for whatever adventures come your way!

Our story started 8 years ago as a crafting side quest for our fearless leader, Magen. Because she was a Texan living in Canada with a Canadian husband, she called it North to South Designs. Over a few years, she turned it from a small side hustle into a thriving home business selling nerdy home goods and bookish accessories!

Having always been a tabletop gamer at heart, it wasn’t long before Magen started to make products for the hobby she loved. Two years ago NTSD Gaming was born, and has quadrupled the success of North to South Designs, growing from an owner-operator etsy shop to a husband-and-wife team with 4 employees!

We are passionate about making and selling cool accessories that support the community of people we love - nerds telling amazing stories, and sharing a table together! We produce many of our items in house, and carefully curate and present the products we import, so that you have a range of elegant, stylish, and durable accessories that bring your TTRPG experience to life.

We are known for our high quality bespoke vegan leather goods and unique designs, curated dice collection in elegant glass wax sealed vials, and our ability to accommodate custom design work for players interested in exclusive designs, and branded merchandise for their podcasts and creative endeavors. We make sure our products speak for themselves, and our customer service is about relationship building, and supporting players like you!

Please stay tuned by signing up for our Newsletter, following us on Instragram, or joining our Discord community! We have so many upcoming projects that we would love to share with you!