Collection: Dice Advent Calendar

Advent Calendars will begin shipping July 1st!

As you trudge through the darkened forest, snowflakes begin again to drift down from the night sky, hissing on your torch. Holly and pine boughs bend beneath the weight of built-up snow, brushing your clothes as you and your party push through snow-drifts towards the Temple of Wenceslas. It has been so for 5 days, and the magic of Winter’s Crest hangs quiet and peaceful in the air.

     Suddenly, the forest ends, and across a wide courtyard, you see the Great Temple you have sought for so long, and hear the peal of the Winter’s Crest Bells! The great doors swing wide, and a tall portly priest, with the distinctive holly wreath of the Yuletide Fathers calls to you. “Oh Ho Ho! Welcome and well met, dear friends! Your journey is at an end, and there are great rewards within!”

    You hasten to the entrance, and within lies the true object of every adventurer’s desire: twenty Four great chests of looting are arrayed in splendor on the dais of the temple. 

    From behind you hear the jolly laugh of the priest. “Come friends! Let us see what gifts the gods of fortune have for you…”

It is Christmas in July time!!! Add to your holiday anticipation with one of NTSD Gaming's super high quality, custom designed DND advent calendar! We are bringing you FOUR different calendar options, something for every type of Dice Goblin!