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Streets of Abriymoch | 7 Piece Liquid Core Dice Set

Streets of Abriymoch | 7 Piece Liquid Core Dice Set


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Hypnotize your enemies and wow your companions with our liquid core dice. Each dice is filled with a glittery liquid core that swirls when rolled.


Each set comes in our unique glass vial, corked and topped with our signature wax seal.


Note: Like all liquids, the liquid core in these dice can freeze and expand in cold temperatures. To avoid any cracks or leaks, please hold off on ordering until the weather warms up. Trust us, it's worth the wait!


Frequently Asked Question: When the liquid cores are molded into the dice, the heat from molding creates a small bubble in the liquid core. Since the bubble in the liquid is constantly moving, this shouldn't affect the balance when rolling.

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