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Loreweaver GM Screen | Portrait | Kraken

Loreweaver GM Screen | Portrait | Kraken


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We built our GM screen with convenience and adaptability in mind, for every GM and every story. The Loreweaver is system agnostic, and designed to adapt and change quickly to your blow-by-blow story needs.

Inlaid Metal Strips at the top and middle let you attach reference sheets and pictures to the inside AND outside of your screen at the snap of a magnet!

Portrait and Landscape options are tailored to allow maximal concealed space, but also allow a GM to make use of both the front and back faces of the screen.

    • Opened dimensions for Portrait screen: 36” width, 12” height, 9” depth
    • Opened dimensions for Landscape screen: 48” width, 9” height, 12” depth
    • Both style of panels weigh in at just over 3 lbs.
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