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Loreweaver | Cartographer's Companion

Loreweaver | Cartographer's Companion


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The Cartographer's Companion is the big brother to our magnetic map board. This map system folds like a game board with a double sided, magnetic, dry-erase surface. One side gives you a 1/2" square grid for mapping, the other a hex grid. The maps are modular, printed with no border, so you can lay multiple boards next to each other for one continuous map. 

Folded the map is 8.5" x 11.75". Unfolded you get 17" x 11.75" of mapping space. This system was designed in mind to serve GM's with almost no map space, while being able to grow and stack for those who have plenty of table space.

The magnetic surface on both sides serves to keep your player and monster tokens in place as you play. 

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