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Canticle | Hollow | 7 Piece Metal Dice Set

Canticle | Hollow | 7 Piece Metal Dice Set


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In a realm where magic and music intertwine, there exists a set of hollow metal D&D dice unlike any other. Crafted by an ancient order of skilled artisans, each die was imbued with a mystical enchantment, causing them to emit melodious notes when rolled together in harmony. Legends whispered of adventurers whose every move echoed with the symphony of fate, their destinies intertwined with the ethereal music of the dice. Now, these enchanted relics await new champions, beckoning them to embark on a journey where every roll becomes a magical melody, guiding them through the enchanting tapestry of adventure.

7 piece polyhedral RPG set, standard 22mm d20, with elegant NTSD padded slider box.

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