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Signing In:

If you already have a Trade Account and you'd like to sign in, you can click the avatar icon in the top right corner, and use your login credentials. (You can also use the 'Sign In' button on the 'Trade Accounts' drop-down menu).

Wholesale pricing will appear automatically on all items, beside the crossed out retail price. Also please have a look at the Trade Account Exclusive Items, where you will be able to see things like Retailer Displays, Case Sizes, Bestseller Packs, and more!

Signing up:

1. Click the 'Trade Accounts' drop-down menu, then click 'Sign Up'. You'll be routed to a form.

2. Fill out at least the required sections, (though other info is helpful in streamlining the ordering process!), and press "Gondor Calls For Aid!!"

3. We will review your application, and approve it - usually within one business day.

4. You'll get an email with an activation link. Click it, and when prompted create a password for your Trade Account .

5. Browse and order at your leisure! You should be able to see wholesale prices alongside the retail ones. (Retail prices will be crossed out).

NOTE: Make sure you also take a look at Trade Account Exclusive Listings, under the Trade Accounts menu. You'll find Retail Displays, Case Sizes for some items, and various discounted wholesaler product packages there. These are a great place to start! 

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