Shipping Costs and Policies

We have tiered shipping breaks for our Trade Account Customers, based on a percentage of the dollar value of your order. This means your shipping charge will scale with the size of your order, and drop as you cross certain price thresholds.

 Total Value of Order Cost of Shipping
$100-$399 5% ($5-20)
$400-$599 4% ($16-24)
$600-$799 2.5% ($15-20)
$800 and above 0% (FREE)


We've calculated these based on the low side of the average price to ship an order of the dollar value indicated.

Most competitors will inflate prices, and then offer free shipping as a marketing incentive. We think charging a percent for shipping offers a greater degree of transparency regarding what your money is paying for. 

We guarantee ship-out by a maximum of 5 business days from the day we receive your order, though our typical turnaround on orders is 2-3 business days.

We also take pride in resolving shipping issues (broken or lost orders) as quickly and professionally as we can. Typically, once we're notified of a problem, we'll ship out a corrective order same-day, and (if necessary) make a claim against the shipping company ourselves. None of the hassle of postal insurance follow-up falls to you!

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