Transitioning Your Account from our Old Website

If you've been with us since our inception in ages past, and had an account on our old website, we've probably already built you an account on our Shopify platform!

We likely sent you an email recently inviting you to set up your new account. If you missed it, or it landed in your spam folder, no problem!

Please reach out to us at, letting us know you need the invite resent. We'll shoot you over a link. All you need to do is click to activate, set up a password when prompted, and you're good to go! 

When you log in, you'll use your email address, along with that password, and you'll automatically see listings with their wholesale pricing visible. Also make sure you check out our Wholesale Exclusive Items, in the Trade Account drop-down menu.

We also have records of previous purchases on file in case you need them for reference. They won't be uploaded onto your new account, but we're more than happy to provide them to you via email on request!

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