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My Lady's Grace | 7 Piece Metal Dice Set

My Lady's Grace | 7 Piece Metal Dice Set


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In a realm where every roll decides the fate of heroes, there emerged a set of metal D&D dice unlike any other. Forged by the most skilled artisans, these dice were imbued with a special enchantment: numbers that shone with clarity, large and bold enough for even the weariest eyes to see. Tales spread far and wide of adventurers, young and old, finding newfound joy and confidence in their gaming endeavors, thanks to the ease with which they could decipher their rolls. With each toss, the numbers gleamed like stars in the night sky, guiding their destiny with undeniable clarity, ensuring that no hero would ever be left in the dark again.

7 piece polyhedral RPG set, standard 22mm d20, with elegant NTSD padded slider box.

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